Sprayskirt Kits


Sewn SpraySkirts (for do-it-yourself installation)

for Hobie AI & Hobie TI, new and old

All Sprayskirts are made from shade-cloth, sewn with polyester (UV resistant) thread.  Twine is sewn into the seams to help you pull your lines through.

What else you may need:
You'll need some line (32-40ft)
I used 1 small anchor shackle to attach to the bow pad eye.
I add enough line to connect to the existing eyelet posts on the aka.
See our Sprayskirt Kit instructions for attachment ideas.

Stretch the shade-cloth while installing. It should stretch about 15% 
Wet and pre-stretch your lines.  Better than having to readjust everything after your first sail.
Make everything tight!  The knots will tighten and the line and shade-cloth will all stretch with use, so make it tight to start, so you don't have to retie it later.

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