AI and TI  Assembled Sprayskirt Kits

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AI Installation Instructions              TI Installation Instructions

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Sewn SpraySkirts (for do-it-yourself installation)

                                      for Hobie AI                                                                          for Hobie TI


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All Sprayskirts are made from shade-cloth, sewn with polyester (UV resistant) thread.  Twine is sewn into the seams to help you pull your lines through.

Price is for U.S. orders, extra shipping is required for orders outside the U.S. - So far, shipping to other Countries has been $21 more.   
Payment is accepted through PayPal.

What else you may need:
You'll need some line (32-40ft) (I used a thin cheap 50# working load line)
I used 1 small anchor shackle to quickly attach to the bow pad eye.
I installed 2 ball mounts to the gunnels forward of the pockets.
I add enough line to connect to the existing eyelet posts.
I also use wire-ties to attach to the hull.

Stretch the shade-cloth while installing. It should stretch about 15% 
Wet and pre-stretch your lines.  Better than having to readjust everything after your first sail.
Make everything tight!  The knots will tighten and the line and shade-cloth will all stretch with use, so make it tight to start, so you don't have to retie it later.
A knot on each line inside of the shade-cloth, with a small wire-tie where it exits the shade-cloth will keep it taut.

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