Hobie AI

Adventure Island

My AI Mods Pic's

- Replace front Plastic Cleat with Loop and add Mirage Drive leash

- Remove Daggerboard Plug and retie Line

- Adjust Mirage Drive Bungee Hook and wire-tie

- Add Anchor Shackle to bow loop

- Add loop to end of Sheet-Line

- Add Carabiner on Right Pocket

- Add Spring Clip in Pocket

- Add Center Hatch lines and Carabiners

- Add Large Carabiner to rear Aka Support

- Add a Carabiner to Left Front of Pocket

- Add Carabiner to Right Rear

- Add Paddle Leash to Front Aka Support

- Add Surfboard Leash to Rear Aka Support

- Add Water Bottle Leash

- Add Daggerboard Holder

- Add 1" Ball Mount on left side front of Pocket

- Add small Ball Mount on right side front of Pocket

- Add cheap Barber-hauler

- Remove extra Shear Bolts and add Aka Cross-brace Leashes

- Add Seat wear protector

- Wire-tie both side Bungee Tabs

- Remove Mirage Adjustment and bolt together

- Add Bungees to Mirage Pedals

- Add Leash Loop to Mirage drive

- Color code Mirage Drive

- Color code Aka

- Color code Aka Bag

- Color code Aka Supports

- Color code Ama

- Color code Daggerboard

- Color code Mast

- Color code Paddle

- Color code Sail Bag

- Color code Seat

- Tape Mast pieces together

- Replace Tell-tails with color Ribbons

- Switch Paddle Holder to right side (personal preference)

Hobie Kayaks Parts Catalog

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