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Sprayskirt Kits

For all Hobie Adventure Island & Tandem Island Kayaks

All that spray, and so little water hits the sailor - the sprayskirt keeps him much drier!


Since 2016, Kayaking Bob's Sprayskirts have been available in a single, universal design, fitting all Hobie Island boats; Tandem Island or Adventure Island, old or new, with updated installation instructions.

$200 US per set - includes U.S. shipping

To Order:  Select the color of kit you want (Grey or Black) and Add to Cart.  We'll ship it out to you ASAP using U.S. Postal Service.  After I receive your order, I will send out a confirmation and ship to the address that you provided to PayPal. 

International Orders: Due to COVID-19, International shipping is complicated!  We may not be able to ship immediately to all countries, and some places may have delivery delays.  Before ordering, you can check here to see if there are any current issues.

If you have any questions please contact Dee through email at:

deesquiltdesigns @ gmail dot com before ordering. 

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$200.00 (plus shipping for International Orders)

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$180.00 (plus shipping for International Orders)


Here's what's included in the kit:

You will receive a SpraySkirt set with all lines installed and adjusted to the proper length for installation.  All knots are complete.   Following our instructions, installation should only take minutes.  

Kayaking Bob's Sprayskirts are available in grey and black!

Close-up of the Gray fabric.

Based on feedback from users and our testing, we've incorporated the following design changes. The body of the Universal Sprayskirt material is now 7-9" shorter (further from the bow), minimizing negative effects when diving or cutting through waves. The width remains the same, still blocking most waves and spray coming from the bow. The lines now stretch, allowing easier installation and deployment of the Universal Sprayskirts, while still retaining its shape.

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